Special feature on baseball souvenirs that are perfect for the wedding season !!

Hello everyone!

It is Ball Park Dot Com.

In June, we have ordered many wedding souvenirs as usual.

If you like baseball, of course.There is no doubt that you will be pleased with the gifts with a hearty messageThat's it!


This time, I would like to pick up a particularly popular product from the baseball souvenirs and deliver the joy of the customer!


A classic baseball souvenir! Commemorative bat that can be selected from abundant color variations

■ 85cm commemorative bat

Baseball memorial service

customer's voice

85cm commemorative bat Purchase M "I will make it a family!"
I gave the commemorative bat to the teacher who was transferred, but I was very pleased to hear the words [I will make it a heirloom!]. I was very satisfied with the color of the engraving with the image. If you have the opportunity, we will continue to use it.→ Mr. M has consulted to deliver his appreciation to the teacher who took care of him.I kept a nice message and engraved it to the bat!

85cm commemorative bat purchase K. Mr. T "I am indebted every year"

We order every year as a graduation section souvenir. After receiving this commemorative bat, I think you have been working hard for three years, weight, and gratitude.

→ K.T, thank you for your order every year! It is a wonderful gift as a proof that you worked hard for 3 years! We look forward to your order this year!

85cm commemorative bat purchase K. Mr. S "For the wedding celebration of a baseball club friend"

I gave it as a gift for a wedding celebration. The quality of the bat and the response of the staff were both wonderful. I will use it again.

K.S who met the layout before the engraving many times. I am honored to have a heartfelt item on a wonderful day of a friend!

85cm commemorative bat purchase Y. Mr. T "It's been a long time since the gifts are so excited."

The product arrived yesterday.
The wood grain touch is very beautiful, and the engraving is beautiful and I am satisfied with it. However, it seems that it will get dirty while turning it to all the players for writing ... I am worried. It's been a long time since the gifts feel so excited. The delivery date was really helpful. Thank you very much.

Y.T has been transmitted from the order of the order! ! (^^)! It was a relatively tight delivery schedule, but it was good to be able to make it in time!




It is possible to engrave a large message! ! Mini decabat! !

45cm mini decavat

Baseball memorial service

customer's voice

45cm Mini Decabat Purchase K.S "Thank you!"

Thank you very much for this time.
The sculptures of the letters were very beautiful and polite, and it was a really satisfying product. In addition, I am very grateful that the team was very happy to take care of the unreasonable request at the very quick delivery date. Thanks to you, I was able to win the last tournament this season. After the match, the MVP of the season was not a common trophy, but a minibat with the name engraved by order, and the award ceremony was added. Not only the players who received them, but also the gifts, I am very grateful that they chose to make an unreasonable request, and I am very grateful for the kind response of your company. I'm really thankful to you.

Mr. K.S consulted, "Not a common trophy, but a special thing," and proposed a 45cm mini decavat! ! (^^)! It is a unique only one gift!


45cm Mini Decabat Purchase T.S "Delivery time was fast and surprised!"

I received it safely yesterday. I am very grateful for listening to shortening delivery and selfishness. The finish is perfect, and the rest is just a gift on the day of the wedding! I think you will be pleased! Thank you very much for your polite and quick response. Thank you for your cooperation again.

I want to make it on the day of the ceremony! "T.S was contacted, but it was time to not make it in time for the normal delivery date. However, thanks to the quick response of the layout confirmation, I was able to manage it in time (^^;


45cm Mini Decabat Purchase K.N "For friends' wedding"

The other day, a friend's wedding was held, and the mini decabat, which was written by grass baseball friends a message of feelings, became a very good gift. Some of the bride and groom also received the words, "It will be a lifetime commemorative," and some friends wrote a message and said, "I want this kind of thing." Thank you for the really wonderful item this time.

Just imagine a friend spelling a message of thoughts and makes you happy! Thank you for ordering for a wonderful opportunity!



Compact size and beautiful wood color are popular! 38cm minibat

38cm minibat

Baseball memorial service

customer's voice


38cm minibat purchase H.M "I am happy to check the layout before completion!"

I made a commemorative bat 38cm!
Despite the sudden order, it was really helpful to create and deliver it very quickly. Since I was able to deliver it faster than I thought, it seems that everyone can write it on the bat.
It was my first time to make such a souvenir, but I was able to ask with confidence because I could get a forecasted figure before creation.
Of course, the result is also very satisfying! Bat with beautiful engraving, just the right size to take home, this is a size that can be attached to a bouquet. I'm really satisfied. Thank you very much!

In the manufacture of various souvenirs, we will always check the layout (expected diagram) before engraving. This prevents the engraving mistakes, and the customer's image can be more clearly embodied.


38cm Minobat Purchase D.F "It's enough to have this much presence!"

I ordered it as a gift for children graduating from the team. I was worried that the size was small because it was 38cm, but when I actually looked it, I was surprised because it was quite large!
The team logo, name, uniform number, all the laser engraved neatly, and the parents who checked the product together were impressed by all at once! I am looking forward to it from now on. Thank you very much for making such a wonderful product. I think there is surely a team asking for production. Thank you in that case.

A 38cm minibat is a product that can be ordered as a gift for the team's graduation and graduation. The price is relatively reasonable, its presence and the strongest cospa! ! (^^)!


Wooden balls, warm and warm gifts made of bat material

Wooden ball/ball and pedestal

Baseball memorial service


customer's voice


Wooden ball/ball and pedestal purchase purchase J.B "It seems that you can enjoy aging"

I ordered a souvenir for the first time, but the finish is the best and I am looking forward to aging. Parents who are planning to graduate next year also said that this souvenir was good. Thank you at that time (^^)

Wooden balls are made of wooden bat material, so you can feel the warmth of wood!


Wooden ball/ball and pedestal purchase purchase K.O "Father's 60th birthday celebration"

I received the product today. I ordered a gift for my father's 60th birthday celebration.
There was an unknown point, so I received a reply immediately and was saved. The subsequent response was smooth and really helpful.
I'm really looking forward to giving it to myself.
I like baseball, so I'm sure she will definitely be happy.

This product is very popular for the 60th birthday celebration! It is a toast to K.O -sama's smart measure celebrating baseball lovers with baseball souvenirs!


Wooden ball/ball and pedestal purchase t.A "It's the best!"

It arrived today! Looking at seven round balls in all, my son was impressed that it was like a dragon ball. The children's names, uniform numbers, and team names are carefully engraved, and the words are firmly engraved on the pedestal. My son liked it so much that I wanted to look for it for a while.
In fact, I have never seen such a cute wooden ball. The feel is the best! I was convinced that the children of the team would definitely be happy. I'm really happy to find it over two months.
My lower son still belongs to the team, so I can be involved in the team for another three years, so I think I will take care of it. I look forward to working with you. Please keep making good products!

Dragon ball is a cute expression! ! (^^)! Thank you for your cooperation!



How was it?

Many other messages of joy have arrived!

In addition, the products introduced this time are only a small part.

There are still attractive products at Bo Park Dot Com, so please take a look!

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