Explain how to order JB custom order!

"With ready -made wooden bats, you can't find a bat that suits you." Athletes who know what their own batting and what the batting they are aiming for wants a bat that suits them.

-The should I order a bat?

However, it is not easy for a player who has no experience in making an order bat to specify all the bat elements, such as the length, weight, grip end shape, and thickness of the bat.

For this reason, many players hesitate to order a bat and use the ready -made bat and cry.

Therefore, Ball Park Dotcom devised a system called "JB Custom Order Bat"! This order system is a system that produces a bat based on a 20 -bat [Basic model].

[Basic model] is the shape of the basic bat. From this basic model, you can select your favorite model (shape), and with each model, you can change the size such as "I want to make the length of 1cm longer" and "I want to make the weight 10g heavy". increase.

We will introduce "JB Custom Order Bat" in detail. If you want to order a bat from now on, it is a must -read!

 About custom order knockwat

"Custom Order Knock Bat", which allows you to order cool knockwat like the above image for less than 10,000 yen, is also recommended!

If you are worried, please take a look at the custom order knockwat pages!

Click here for the custom order knockbat page

Selection of material

The order of the JB Custom Order Bat starts with "Bat Select". 5 bat materials! [Maple from North America] [Barch] [Ash] [Ramy] [Bamboo].

Each bat material has its own characteristics, so if you can meet the bat material that suits you, you may have a great leap.
Please consider that area!

 Once you select the bat material, the next step is to choose your favorite model from the 20 basic models. The features of each model are explained in detail, so read carefully and choose.

JB basic model

It is a 20 -model rigid bat selected for a Syria player that continues to evolve every day.

Using Maple from North America, you can choose from your favorite type, such as balance and grip.

 Selection of size

Once the basic model is selected, decide the size of the bat.

JB custom orders can be changed in the following range.

Length: between 82cm and 86cm

Weight: Between 860g and 930g

Bat Kurinuki

Next is the head cut selection.

In custom orders, you can select "with skirts" and "no skirts".

It will be lighter by hitting the tip of the bat. In addition, there are many people who select headcuts by "skipping", such as the feeling of hitting slightly soft.

It's a custom that divides your taste, so think carefully and decide in consultation with your taste.

* Climb image

Color selection

Next, let's decide the body color.

There are a total of six color variations that can be selected by custom order.

* If you select a natural color with a BFJ mark, there are rules that only black color can be selected, so please read the items listed in the order simulation for details.

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・ [For rigid] JB Custom Order Bat
・ [For training] JB Custom Order Bat
・ [For softball] JB Custom Order Bat

Color classification

When choosing a bat color, you can decide whether the bat is changed to "one color" or whether to change the color of the head from the grip to "30 cm" or "45 cm".

See the image below.

Bat color category

The atmosphere of the bat changes drastically depending on the color category.

Now the "45cm" category is becoming mainstream, and the maple classic series is colored in 45cm category.

Mark selection

Here you choose the mark design.

There are three mark types that can be selected.

Mark photo

In custom orders, the same mark 3 (Wagyu Mark) as Wagyu JB Grab is the most popular!

There are many customers who order three bottles and order them with separate marks!

* Mark 1-3 is a registered trademark of Ball Park Dot Com, which is a brand announcement brand for the All Japan Bat Industry Association.

If you use it in the official game of university / professional baseball, you will need a "BFJ" mark.

If you are considering using it in the official game, please put the BFJ mark (free)

As shown in the image below, the BFJ mark must be the same color as the brand mark in principle.

* In principle, the BFJ mark cannot be included in Ramy Bamboo Bat.


In the JB custom order, you can attach a "ring" like an image.


By attaching the ring, it changes to an American image at once.

If you want to make a stylish bat, please consider it!

* The ring color is the same as the mark color.

Bat matte processing

A matte order is possible with a custom order.

If you are not particular about the performance of the bat and the feel of the bat, but if you are particular about the appearance, let's look at the shiny eraser.

Bat matte processing

The impression changes dramatically like the image.

If you are interested, please choose!

* Natural only

You can select the trendy baking process! (Natural only)

In recent years, we often see bats used by professional baseball players, but they can also be processed by JB custom order.

As with matte processing, the performance of the bat does not affect the performance and the feel of the bat, but if you are particular about the appearance, let's look at the presence or absence of baking.

The finish varies depending on the selected bat material. (See the image below)

If you find a bat that a professional baseball player is grilling on TV, let's take a closer look at the finish! You may know the bat material used by the player!

Grip end engraving

Finally, "Grip -end engraving".

In custom orders, you can engrave your favorite characters if you have less than 5 characters x 2 lines.

・ Many people can add names, team names, uniform numbers, and seats, and the original feeling will increase at a stretch by inserting them.

Grip end engraving

Order bat simulation

With JB Custom Order, you can proceed with the order while performing color simulation.

Therefore, it is easy to grasp the image after completion, and the order content is easy to understand.

It supports PC, tablet and smartphone, so you can order order bats wherever you are!

Order bat simulation

* The photo is an order simulation screen displayed on a smartphone

Click here for order bat simulation

・ [For rigid] JB Custom Order Bat
・ [For training] JB Custom Order Bat
・ [For softball] JB Custom Order Bat


Order bat JB

How was it? You can order easier than you think!

Make your own bat you use! You can order like that"Custom order bat"Please try it!For more information on "Custom Order Bat", please check the Ball Park Dotcom website!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

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