• Acrylic ball pedestal plate
  • Image with decoration with acrylic ball pedestal carved seal plate
  • Acrylic ball pedestal plate
  • Image with decoration with acrylic ball pedestal carved seal plate

It is with acrylic ball pedestal / carved seal plate

¥1,650 (in Tax)~
There are situation, a memory when I obtained it on a commemorative ball. As for the important ball including the signed ball which we got from a home run memory ball, a favorite player, a memorial day or the place that got carve a seal, and let's decorate it!

It is the price that a black plate carved seal includes

Main body of pedestal size: 52*52*25mm
Plate size: 20*44
※The plate can carve a seal to three lines

plate engraved character

The 10 characters per line is eye-catch-eye.If the limit is exceeded, enter the notes in the notes.

Some characters are not available, such as old Kanji characters and symbols.
If you are unable to register, please enter either a regular Kanji or Katakana type.
[Example 1: Old Kanji] (hashigodaca), zaki (terraced zaki), etc.
[Example 2: Roman numeral] IIIIIIIVV (commonly used in apartment, apartment, and building names)
[Example 3: Abbreviations] The braces used in the company name, etc., in the name of the company

line of line

Examples: Baseball. I love baseball. All the same.

Second line

Example: 1/(Yasunobu YAMANOUCHI)
      2: Koji Masuda
      3: Kenji Harada
          4: Shūji Hirata
* You can also make a list of the names on the list.

Third line

For example: 2017.11.29 * All

not required
Use previously captured logo
+2000 yen + Taxes for logo capture (1 logo/first time only)

If you want to capture the logo,This is the "logo capture option"to the cart, add it to the cart.
Please let us know the names of the orderers and the team names when sending the logo through email.

*If you have more than one letter, such as a team name or a personal name, please send the list of names and other names separately.
It also leads to prevention, such as ticking errors.

*Register logo to address here = > info@japan-ballpark.com

If you have detailed specifications, such as the content of your order, logo capture, and the positioning of the picture characters, please fill in the notes.
In addition, please enter the desired delivery date, etc.

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Body Price
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