• Aodamo resource training meeting
  • Aodamo resource training meeting

Aodamo resource training group 5cm mini bat / surface: standard

¥770 (in Tax)~
This product was created in collaboration with the Aodamo Resource Development Group and Ballpark.com.

Two of these bats will make one Aodamo sapling.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the NPO Aodamo Resource Development Group, which will be used for the development of baseball and the preservation of the natural environment.

Contains the symbol mark of the Aodamo Resource Development Group.

[Large discount] Discount from purchasing 100 or more bottles.
100 to 499 @670 yen
500 to 999 @630 yen
1,000 to 1999 books @ 600 yen
2000 pieces ~ @560 yen

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