• 8cmミニバット/片面刻印 - ボールパークドットコム
  • 8cmミニバット/片面刻印 - ボールパークドットコム
  • 8cmミニバット/片面刻印 - ボールパークドットコム
  • 8cmミニバット/片面刻印 - ボールパークドットコム
  • 8cmミニバット/片面刻印 - ボールパークドットコム
  • 8cmミニバット/片面刻印 - ボールパークドットコム
  • 8cmミニバット/片面刻印 - ボールパークドットコム
  • 8cmミニバット/片面刻印 - ボールパークドットコム

8cm mini bat / one side engraved

¥1,320 (in Tax)~

An 8cm mini bat type accessory with a bat material reuse plan for the purpose of cultivating bat material for the next generation baseball player.

You can engrave your favorite characters such as your name, your lover's name and team name. Until now, this item is often ordered as a gift for a youth baseball team or colleagues.

You can engrave team or company logos and marks.
Logo import fee 1 logo/2,000 yen (*first time only)

In the case of multiple orders with different engraved characters such as team name entry, you can send it with data attachment.

You can also order from FAX. *Please download and use Excel data for large orders.

 PDF data   Excel data

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the NPO Aodamo Resource Development Group.
Please purchase for next-generation players.

[Delivery date] About 2 weeks

Souvenir example collection

balls with or withoutplease choose

Packageplease choose



ストラップホワイト ストラップイエロー ストラップオレンジ ストラップブラウン ストラップエンジ ストラップレッド
ピンク ストラップグリーン ストラップブルー ストラップブルー ストラップブラック キーホルダー

Horizontal writing
Vertical writing

There is a limit of 2 lines per side and 15 characters per line.
When inserting pictograms, the maximum number of characters that can be engraved is 13.
* Only Gothic typefaces can be used, including full-width characters, full-width symbols, and full-width alphanumeric characters.
Some characters, such as old kanji and symbols, cannot be used.
If you are unable to register, please enter the usual kanji or katakana.
[Example 1: Old Kanji] Taka (Hashigodaka), 﨑 (Tachizaki), etc.
[Example 2: Roman numerals] ⅠⅡⅢⅣⅤ (commonly used for apartment, condominium, and building names)
[Example 3: Abbreviation] ㈲㈹ Co., Ltd. Parentheses used in company names

First line (up to 15 characters):

(Example) Participation in the 11th XX tournament

First line font

Second line (up to 15 characters, one line does not need to be filled)

(Example) Shuhei Fukuda H.30.8
If you order more than one and the stamp character on the first line is the same, but the stamp character on the second line changes for each one,
(Example) First line, second line / Shuhei Fukuda H.30.8
Second line / Yasunobu Yamauchi H.30.8
Third line / Taro Takeda H.30.8
Fourth line / Hanako Yamada H.30.8

Please enter multiple lines with line breaks.

Second line font


If you have any questions regarding the contents of your order, the arrangement of pictograms, or the name list, please fill in the remarks column.

ボールA ボールB ハートA ハートB スターA スターB
Ball A Ball B Heart A Heart B Star a Star b
クロスA クロスB サクラ フラワー クローバー ファイアー
Cross A Cross B Cherry blossom flour Clover Fire

> Souvenir example collection

Use previously captured logo
I would like to import the logo + 2000 yen + tax (1 logo / first time only)

If you want to import the logoThis "logo capture option"Please add to your cart to purchase.
When sending the logo via e-mail, please inform us of the orderer's name and team name.

Please fill in the remarks column if the engraved contents are different for each request or multiple purchases.
If you have a desired delivery date, please enter it.

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