Logo capture option

Logo capture option

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What is logo capture?

Description of the logo capture description
  • In the case of logo import, a logo import fee of 2,000 yen + tax will be charged separately from the product production cost, but the logo imported once can be used repeatedly for free after the second time.
  • The captured logo can be stored at Ballpark.com and used as an original "baseball memorabilia", as well as embroidered custom-printed bats, knock bats, clothing, etc., and printed logos.

[Example of import order for team uniform mark]

[First time]

As a souvenir of the graduate school, the uniform logo is engraved on the front of the "5 cm mini bat" and the name is engraved on the back.
・Double-sided engraved mini bat / 1,100 yen + tax x 10 +* Logo import fee of 2,000 yen + tax=13,000 yen + tax

【Second time】

To commemorate the team's tournament victory, the "38 cm mini bat" is made by the team as an original for all members.
・One 38cm mini bat / 2,800 yen + tax × 20(*Free use of logo)= 56,000 yen + tax

【Third time】

"85cm commemorative bat" was produced at the parent's association as a celebration of the director's 60th birthday.
・One 85cm commemorative bat / 15,000 yen + tax x 1(*Free use of logo)=15,000 yen + tax

[How to send logo data]

    • Select "Import logo" from the banner below, and then attach it to an email and send it.
    • mail address
  • In the case of photos, it was taken on a flat surfaceImage with maximum resolutionIf it is a printed matter,Data as clear as possiblePlease send.
How to send logo data

[Specifications of logo data]

  • Prints, photos taken with a digital camera, and image files created by illustrators and Photoshop. The extension should be jpg, gif, png, ai, or psd.
  • The larger the resolution, the better, but 300dpi to 72dpi as a guide, and the file size should be 1000pixel or more, or 1MB (1,024KB) or more.

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