Off -season ground maintenance (graya -edition)

Baseball off -season = great opportunity for ground maintenance


11Moon29The Phoenix League ends day, and the baseball field from the next day2Maintenance for the spring camp begins.

This time, it is also a campsite for ORIX BuffaloesSokkenIn the stadium"Grader"We performed ground maintenance using heavy equipment. I will introduce the situation.

In the first place, I think many people do not imagine what kind of heavy machine is heard as grayer.

↓ This is a grayer ↓


Use the terrain in the center of this body to adjust the ground.

ORIX Buffaloes started camping this time6The age has passed, and the ground has been added.

(Do you have a rainy road on your ground or have a lot of height difference?)

As a result of surveying the entire ground, the maximum from the base5There were some places where centimeters were higher, but I was able to make it beautiful.


If you like, please review the grounds you practice every day if you like.


* Here are what we usually use in maintenance. We use the terraced plate attached to the tractor.

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