2020 Miyazaki Phoenix League opening

Professional ground creation

11Entering the moon is finally17The Omiyazaki Phoenix League has begun.

The Miyazaki Phoenix League reflects on the season, clarifies the tasks of the team and individuals, and aims to overcome it for the next season, and actively appoints young players who have little turn in the official game. The main purpose is to raise young players through the game.

At Ball Park Dotcom, Ivy Stadium, Life Mori2baseball Ground·SokkenStadium Kiyotake Dai2Baseball field, Hinata Himuka Stadium, Miyakonojo Sports Park Baseball Stadium6The staff of the facility management department is supporting the Phoenix League at the venue.

This time, I would like to introduce the maintenance of the Phoenix League.


Preparation to welcome the Phoenix League

① Digging and converting maintenance of the ground

By digging and rolling the ground soil, improving drainage and adjusting the hardness and level.


② Mound level / hardness adjustment

To be a professional, adjust the level of the mound level and adjust the hardness by the rotation machine. The height of the mound is from the home base25.4㎝, slope from the pitcher plate in the home direction198The part of the cm15.2Go down. This provision2We will match while surveying with an error within the migration.


③ Finish the ground

Use tractors and magic maintemats to eliminate the unevenness of the ground, and finish the ground that is less likely to occur.

Click here for [Magic Maintenance Matt]


There are only a few introduced this time, but we are working on such a work and prepared for the Phoenix League. I would like to provide maintenance so that professional players can play without any injuries.

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