Baseball memorabilia and gifts - Wedding gifts and baseball memorabilia - recommended for wedding gifts (6)

I want you to know more about baseball memorabilia!

Baseball memorabilia as a wedding gift introduced in the series. This time, i will introduce the "photo stand" of the current fashion as an arrangement product of baseball memorabilia.

When I hear it as a baseball memorabilia, it is a miniature version of the bat or the glove. I think that there are a lot of people who have the impression like, but the baseball memorabilia introduced here is a little different.

Let's arrange the wooden photo stand in your own way!

All baseball memorabilia from can be laser-processed. This wooden photo stand also has a name and message!

Wedding Gift photo stand(1) Wedding Gift photo stand(2) Wedding Gifts and Photo Stands(3)

Pedestal size: horizontal 24.8cm, depth 9.2cm

Material: (pedestal) wooden, (photo putting part) glass

※With plain sign ball

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