If is at a loss to a baseball souvenir, 卒団, the part souvenir which are a graduate; ball park dot-com①

Let's begin the preparations for baseball souvenir soon!

It is over, and autumn gradually deepens in the summer. The school events are person paragraphs, too. It is the season when preparations begin of the souvenir to give a graduate and supervision, a coach.

Inquiries strongly increase every year when it is this time. Most are visited in the website of the ball park dot-com.

Because you divide it into several times from this time, and this Web magazine introduces many baseball souvenirs which ball park dot-com recommends with confidence, give me reference by all means. And the one with the interest, please drop in at the website of the ball park. Then I will introduce me at once.

It "is the constant seller of the souvenir of the ball park dot-com, a mini-bat" to introduce this time.


5cm memory mini-bat

It is this smallest to be extreme popularity even if I say anything [5cm memory bat]. There are a key ring type and a strap type. It is size of 5cm, but the both sides can carve a seal. (to one ten characters)

It is often ordered by a team!

It is such a feeling when I add a strap type to a bag!

⇒The detailed information of [5cm memory mini-bat] from this!

8cm memory mini-bat

Considerable presence increases only by 3cm being longer than a 5cm memory bat. Because it is possible, this recommends messages to the number of the letters which can carve a seal in one line to 15 characters when I carve a seal a little. I prepare for a strap type and a key ring type.

⇒The detailed information of [8cm memory mini-bat] from this!

38cm memory mini-bat

It is the constant seller popular item which is chosen as a wide visitor among the Little League to a high school student every year. I choose a favorite layout among the layout of 10 patterns and can carve a seal by a favorite letter. I can carve a seal to up to 30 characters!

Sense of quality increases when I put it in a paper box!

⇒The detailed information of [38cm memory mini-bat] from this!  

How about? There is size in various ways even if I say a mini-bat to a mouthful, and there is personality each. Was the favorite mini-bat found?

The souvenir by a website or the FAX order it. Over the telephone because cannot order it, thank you for your understanding.

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