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Many unique baseball souvenirs

Since its founding, Ballpark.com has focused its efforts on developing and selling baseball souvenirs. From small things to big things, from unique things to full-fledged things, all the employees share ideas and are still working on development every day.

The souvenirs of baseball introduced this time are especially unique among the souvenirs on sale! It is a confident work that many people have repeatedly repeated.


Wooden ball

It is a "wooden ball made of bat material" that is made by using scraps and partially unqualified materials that are generated during the process of making bats.

There is the warmth of a wooden product that gets deeper and astringent as you get older, and the texture is the best!

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45cm mini deck

It is 45 cm long and weighs about 1 kg. It is a mini decabat with a unique shape.

There is also black. This item is also very popular as a wedding gift.

The 45cm Mini Decabat has a large number of characters that can be engraved, has a pedestal, and has a very strong presence. Many are given to directors and coaches who have taken care of me.

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How was it? Both are products that convey the warmth of wood. Perfect for those looking for a unique baseball souvenir!

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