If is at a loss to a baseball souvenir, 卒団, the part souvenir which are a graduate; ball park dot-com⑦

Souvenir using the baseball leather

In the ball park, I call leather used in a glove for baseball "baseball leather" and sell hides product made with this baseball leather as a souvenir.

Because it is leather same as a glove, it is a good point, anyway, I am strong, and to be easy to be familiar with a hand. It is hides product first as a baseball souvenir of the ball parks.


Name tag made by baseball leather

A plate made by aluminum coming in inside can carve a seal by the name and a team name. It is OK if I replace only a plate when a team and a school changed in plug-type one. It is a product available for a long time.

⇒The detailed information of [name tag made by baseball leather] from this!

Card case made by baseball leather

Similarly it is a card case made of the baseball leather. Both the appearance and the feeling involved in are high-quality and are good to a present! The one purchasing for oneself use and presents is woven.

⇒The detailed information of [card case made by baseball leather] from this!

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