Sponsored the "1st Miyazaki Breeding League" with bamboo bat [softball baseball for junior high school]

From February 23rd to February 24th, the 1st Miyazaki Training League was held by Miyazaki Prefectural Middle School Softball Team participating schools.

We co-sponsored JB Bamboo Bat as part of the "Boy Bat Promotion Project for Boys".

Six participating junior high school softball teams, mainly in Miyazaki City, participate in this "development league".

It was a league-style reinforced match with some special rules, including always using the JB bamboo bat.


・Prohibition of squeeze/end run when there is a runner on the third base with 0 out or 1 out

Purpose: Positive batting enhancement


・Prohibition of the act of the catcher dropping the pitch, watching the opponent's signature

Objective: Serious competition between pitchers and batters! !


・Prohibition against shyness

Purpose: Actively fight in any situation and strengthen pitcher ability

・Attack 1~3 times *Use bamboo bat (80cm/700g・82cm/750g)

Purpose: Do not rely on the properties of composite bats or metal bats. Strengthen the impact captured by the core


Based on the above special rules, the strengthening game was held in the sense of strengthening the batting power and the pitcher's power.



Comments from players

"When I hit the core, it feels very good and I fly very much!"

"But if you don't hit the core, you won't fly..."



Comments from the teacher (Director)

"The batting ball is completely different when it is caught with the core and when it is not. If this player's consciousness changes, it will grow into a stickman who can pass the rank above."



In the 2nd round, all the innings will be played in the league with only bamboo bats.

I would like to continue to promote the “Bamboo Bat Promotion Project for Boys” to help improve the batting skills of future baseball boys.

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