Bamboo bat | for boys Let's begin with spring! Training using the bamboo bat④

Real training ... 1 using the bamboo bat

By the way, I really have a bamboo bat in my hand, and what kind of training should I perform? Anyway, act in a way! Of course the behavior is important.

However, I do not make progress in the batting even if I practice swinging a state that one's form has not been yet decided at random. Is it effective to do what kind of training?

Therefore I want to introduce some concrete exercise methods.
It "is low ball swing" to introduce this time.

Low Bors Inge

Low Bors Inge. According to the name, it is a method to swing for an image to beat against the low ball under the knee. Low Bors Inge is the swing that the first orbit comes to have a big in swing.
I can wear a smooth, beautiful form by practicing describing right start in big swing.
The concrete training method right out! "Swing" and "the tee batting" with the bamboo bat. It is this repetition.

[mosaic of low Bors Inge]

Image of the
I swing for an image to greatly return the low ball under the knee slowly to the center.

Art of the
・I am touching the heel in the ground. A shoulder, a waist, the knee is fixed without opening.
・With an arm, an elbow, a wrist, I swing so that the orbit of the bat grows big.
・It is included from the right elbow and catches a ball in front of the pit of the stomach.
・I return a wrist after an impact and greatly take the follow-through.

I will practice while watching a photograph to greatly draw orbit slowly.

The next time,"Original allusive hint tee batting"I introduce をご.

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