Training bamboo bat: Bamboo bat developed for training

Effects of heavy bamboo butt training?

It was said that "swing speed is very light feeling that it is very light when the usual bat is swung after the swing by the heavy bat".
However, in current sports medicine, it is proven that the muscle is able to remember the speed and swing speed by swiping a bat with a light bat quickly.
So what is the significance of practice with heavy bats?

The effect brought directly by practicing with a heavy bat is
1) endurance (stamina).
Power is applied to the whole body.
It is possible to hit a strong hit ball.

But that's not all. In fact, to increase the swing speedIndirect effectBut it brings me.
It is important to use swing butt and tee batting in order to get quick swing. However, it is not good at just a few times of swing and tea batting. You need to do dozens of times consecutively. Then I'm tired.Without stamina or power, they can't practice enough. HereSignificance of practice with heavy bats.
All practice has meaning and all of them are connected.

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Heavy bamboo butt!
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