Ground Maintenance | Baseball Tournament and the work of the ground keeper supporting the back side

A powerful manner under the edge that supports the "usual play" behind the scenes! !

I often introduce it in web magazine [Ground maintenance]! Ball Park Dotcom is a campsite "Ivy Stadium" and ORIX Buffaloes' campsite in the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks.SokkenWe are working on ground keepers at "Stadium". We receive guidance from professional ground keepers and sweat every day to maintain professional ground grounds.

2020Year10Moon, here Sportland Miyazaki(Miyazaki prefecture)Then2A baseball tournament was held. This time, I will introduce the situation.


91Calculator competition baseball tournamentKyushu district qualifying and fourth59Kyushu Baseball Championship

Tournament schedule:10Moon10Day(soil)16Day(Money)of7Day

Venue: Life Mori Sports Park Ivy Stadium, Kiyotake Sports ParkSokkenStadium

From Miyazaki"Miyazaki Umeda Gakuen"However, he participated as a representative, and unfortunately he was not the representative of the Kyushu district, but he showed a hot play that was comparable to Coronavirus. I look forward to future activities!


② Autumn baseball festivalin Miyazaki

Tournament schedule:10Moon26Day(Moon)27Day(fire)of2Day

Venue: Life Mori Sports Park Ivy Stadium

From Miyazaki"Miyazaki Umeda Gakuen"In addition, Kyushu No.1Representative"HONDA Kumamoto"NPBThan"Fukuoka Softbank Hawks" 3 ArmyParticipated and an exchange game was held. The staff is a tournamentTI'm matching the shirt.


We hope that each tournament, venue, and each team will play high -level games, and at the next time, Coronavirus will converge and get more baseball lovers to touch!


And on the same ground as the players, the staff of the facility management section is also struggling as a keeper during the tournament period! I will introduce the pattern in the photo.

・ Line draw (before morning practice, before the game) 

⇒ Click here for an article about how to pull the line!

・ Dragonfly & tractor maintenance (speed is also important during the game!) 

⇒ Click here for articles about tractor maintenance!

・ Water spraying (Finish sandwiching prevention and preliminary maintenance)

⇒ Click here for articles about the watering method!


※AlsoCoronavirus infection prevention measuresAs a result, each place was disinfected during the game, and this time only the people involved were watched, and at the entrance, temperature inspection and eradication sheet were distributed.

(Introduced an automatic inspection temperature system!)


With the cooperation of each person involved, both tournaments were able to end safely. Thank you to all the players and the staff. If you are watching baseball in the future, please take a look at the ground maintenance staff who are active with the players!
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