Training Bamboo Bat - What is a bamboo bat developed for training (3)

Making the ideal batting form while training the trunk

The last time I introduced the 90cm training bamboo bat was a bat that was light but 90cm long, while being aware of the level swing, to increase the swing speed by swing.

The training bamboo bat to introduce this time is "long bamboo bat".
The long bamboo bat of the ball park dot com is 10cm longer than the bamboo bat of 90cm ahead, and the weight is more than 950g and offers two kinds.

The top is 100cm/950g. 100cm/1000g

Train your trunk.
Level swing will be able to be.
It is possible to improve the door swing.
You can add stamina.
You will be able to use the lower body well.

If your batting form is as follows, training with a long bat is effective.

The upper body is tilted backward stilts and the bat does not come out.

The left leg sticks, and the upper body warps.

The right shoulder falls extremely.

If you have these swing habits, use a long bat to swing repeatedly in an image that slowly draws the trajectory like a pendulum.
⇒Detailed information on long bamboo bats is here.
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