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Weight Movement and Body Axis Story

The last time I introduced three engines. Do you remember? "Waist", "Shoulder", and "Arm" were three engines. This time, when i move these three engines, I will introduce the weight movement of the lower body and the rotation axis of the lower body.

This time, it is the content of the guidance by mr. Katsumi Hirosawa, an advisor of Ball I will introduce in order.



At this time the weight isThe heel of the foot on the catcher's sideAndToe of the foot on the pitcher's sideIt is on the back of the problem



When you start three engines in turn and swing the bat by spinning your body,[Heel] on the catcher sideleave the groundWeight moves to [toe].I will.

On the other hand,[Toe] on the pitcher's sidethe weight that was on theGo to heelI will. This"Alternately", "back and forth"By the weight movement occurs,Body rotates naturallyYou will be.


 The position of the head and the waist when swinging the bat

The head should always be right above the pelvis. And don't change the height of your hips. keep the head on the pelvis and keep the position of the waist constantBy doing this,[Axis] on the bodyyou want to use.

ThatThe body rotates around the axisI will. This【Weight Movement】And[Rotation of the body]if they act right on each other, they will be able to hit strong, fast balls.

⇒What is Mr. Hirosawa's actual guidance on "weight movement" and "body axis"?HereFrom!

How was it?Three enginesclosely related toWeight Movement and Rotation AxisIt was a story of. I hope this alone will be a hint of batting.


Next time"How to hit in-courses and out-of-courses"I will introduce!

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