Boy baseball, the way to batting progress. Bamboo bat training

Check the difference between the course and the course!

Do you remember the story before? "Three engines" Body weight and rotation axis It was the story that these were closely related! This time, we introduce how to hit the ball in the course.

Well, I think there are many players who don't like either an outstep or an instep ball. In fact, I don't hit the same batting form to hit the ball of the course and the course.

In course When you hit the ball of courseI use all three engines. Thanks to the three engines, the bat speed can hit and hit a strong hit ball.

Course After the first engine (waist) startedThere is no time difference between the shoulder and arms. That is,The second and third engines move simultaneously. Each engineNot enoughBecause of thatBat speedI can't fly as much as hitting the ball.

The best difference between batting and course courses is Do you use the shoulder engine alone Try batting practice while paying attention to this part. I think the difference is good.

The actual guidance contents by Mr. HirosawaKoyaFrom!

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Next time"Cause of door swing"OrHow to use your wristAnd so on!

Boy's bamboo bat!

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