Let's use the bamboo bat! The bamboo bat is a training bat! Introduced in the series (9) - 84cm , 850g

Pay attention to the weight of bamboo bats!

We introduce bamboo bat by size. From this time, the length of the bat will be the same size as the bat. The difference is [weight]. It's also important to find a bat that weighs in to suit you. In order to get the most out of bamboo bat training, choosing a size is important. This is the bat i'll introduce!
84cm, 850g
Juvenile Bamboo Bat 84-850 ●Hard and soft material / Material / Bamboo ( take ) color / cherry red x black / mark / silver / length 84cm / weight / 850g average / balance / head balance / grip shape / diameter 49mm / real grip / grip thickness / diameter 24mm / head cut / normal The physique of the child who is using this bat is used, and height is 155cm or more, weight: 55kg or more. ⇒ Check out the Ballpark.com website for more information on this bat! Bamboo bat 84cm, 850g http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail23.html
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