Wooden bat・bamboo version the Kana / learn Japanese alphabet boy 用竹 bat all introduction! Size: 83㎝/800g ~their physique fit bamboo bat to kill.

batting training methods vary. ・The weight of the bat in practice. ・Lightweight bat in practice. Respectively to each effect. Ball Park time, even a lightweight bat and the weight of the bat manufacturing and sales, and the effect of HP in detail as follows. (Web magazine on it.) One of their physique fit bamboo bat in practice we recommend. Metal bat use this boy, even the metal butt of the grip the same as the making of[real grip】is used, without discomfort can hold,the bamboo bat training to smoothly transition you can. Now, we introduce to you the boy 用竹 bat,the game.

Boy 用竹 bat:length 83㎝/weight 800g

83cm800g 83cm800g② <features> ・material: bamboo(for bamboo) ・Color/cherry red X-black ・mark/silver ・length/83cm ・weight/800g average ・balance/head balance ・the grip shape/diameter 49mm/rear grip ・grip width/diameter 24mm ・head cut/normal ※blimp・rigid combined bat of normal size was coming from. Junior High School students more than those we recommend. ⇒ The size of the bat for more information on the ball Park of the HP to see. < Boy 用竹 bat:83㎝/800g> http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail24.html
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