Introducing all wooden bats and bamboo bats for boys Size: 82cm/750g - Choose a bamboo bat that fits your physique!

When you buy your own training bats, it just gives you a lot of motivation and makes you practice hard. And when the training effect comes to live in the actual game, the practice gets more and more heated. He is a player who usually practices in bamboo bat training, and there is no player who says that the effect is zero. In fact, famous professional baseball players and regular schools in Koshien have adopted bamboo bat training, and the effect has been proven to be enormous. If you choose a bamboo bat that doesn't fit your physique or batting skills, the effect will be halved. So,Size selection is very importantIs. It is recommended that you practice with the bamboo bat of the same length as the length of the metal bat that you have now. Then, the bamboo bat for the boy to introduce this time is this place!

Bamboo bat for boys: length 82cm/weight 750g

82cm750g 82cm750g(2) <特徴> Material / Bamboo (take) / Color / Cherry Red x Black / Mark / Silver / Length / 82cm / Weight / 750g Average / Balance / Head balance / Grip shape / Diameter 49mm / Real grip / Grip thickness / Diameter 24mm / Head cut / Normal ※ soft / hard double ⇒ For more information on bamboo bats of this size, please visit the website. Bamboo bat for boys: 82cm/750g
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