Take a bamboo bat! | Training bats show a series of bamboos! Series: -78cm, 650g

Let' s get a bamboo bat training for better batting!

I'm going to introduce a bamboo bat by size. This time, the length and weight of the five times are increasing. This little difference will affect the exercise of the day. Find out what size you want to fit your own. You will train this time!
78cm, 650g
Boys Bambat 78-650 (hard-type and soft-chained use)/lumber/bamboo (aichiku), color/natural x black mark/white length/white length/78cm, weight/650g average balance/head balance and grip shape/diameter 49mm/nigiri/Japanese diameter 24mm headcut/Nemal (diameter) Height of the child with this bat > Height: 145cm or more and weight: 50kg or more Please check the Ball Parkdotcom website for more information! Takebats: 78cm, 650g> http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail27.html
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