Boy 用竹 back surfaces from the spring for you. Bamboo bat using training ⑥

bamboo bat using actual training methods~and 3

specifically bamboo bat using whatever training is good for. That's one way to Ball Park from the suggestions covered.
This,"the ball"swing"the front hitting tee batting"to introduce it. I introduce to youthe"balance tee batting"in.

Balance tea is,time required for the body of the axis for making the training method. The lower body of the Foundation was made.

Balance tee batting

partner at the moment of the upper body is warped by, or on the contrary of the upper body axis is in front of this, like the habit of of orthodontic training!

<Specific training methods>

swing and batting <warpage correction>

・forefoot and ball stomping from tee batting (※upper body is warped to batter correction)
・forefoot is in an unstable state of nature, in the heel and forefoot of the knee wall(=doesn't open the door) You can impact when the forefoot is tight for them.

< Tsukkomi correction>

・hind leg and to step on the ball from the tee batting (※content or straightener)
・the hind legs of the knee on the inside of the ball and feeling the ball to be. (※Adductor strengthening)

from the ball step on it is important!

The ball and stepped on the toes on the ground one. The ground contacts less in the unstable state there. In this state, the swing and the tee batting to do this is to step on the ball, not the legs, ankles, knees, muscles (*especially the adductor)how to use awareness, and balance skills, and the lower half of the body lay the Foundation of training.

Next is"house-shaped tea batting"is described below.

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