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Actual training using bamboo bats - Part 2

Last time, We introduced the practice of "low ball swing" to swing to draw a large, smooth trajectory. This time, i'll introduce "front-hitting tee batting". This exercise is designed to improve bat control by acquiring "basic elbow and wrist movements".

Front-hitting tee batting

Swing while being conscious of how to use the elbow and wrist. Raise the toss from the front of the body and hit it in front of the mizonochi.

[Continuous photograph of front-hitting tee batting]

<具体的トレーニング方法> Swing and Tee Batting
<スイングのイメージ> The image of a ball in front of Mizoochi and hitting it in the center direction.
The Hang of Swing
・Keep your heels on the ground and hold them without opening your shoulders, hips, or knees.
Use your arms, elbows and wrists to hit the ball compactly.
・Strongly aware of catching the ball with the core of the bat.
Once you get used to it, twist your hips at the moment of impact and increase your swing speed.

Front-to-head tee batting is the basics of the basics. Be sure to incorporate it into your daily practice.

Next time"Balanced Tee Batting"I will introduce.

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