Let's use a bamboo bat! |Bamboo bat for training bat! Introduced in series ④~76cm・600g

Great for training bats! Introducing bamboo bats in order!

[Boy bat for boys] Saying "for boys" is not for boys only. A bamboo bat for training that can be used by any generation! You can choose the size according to your physique, skill, and purpose with Ballpark.com's bamboo bat. This is this one!
75 cm-600 g
Bamboo bat for boys 76-600 -Material/Bamboo-Color/Natural x Black-Mark/Red-Length/76cm-Weight/600g average-Balance/Head balance-Grip shape/Diameter 49mm/Real grip- Grip thickness/diameter 24mm ・Head cut/Normal Height: 140 cm to 160 cm Weight: 40 kg to 55 kg *Please contact Ballpark.com for details as it is a guide only. http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail28.html
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