Shonen baseball, boy bats|Ball's bamboo bats for boys are all introduced together!

There are 12 types of bamboo bats for boys!

In the previous web magazine, I introduced how bamboo bats are suitable for batting training, but this time it is actually manufactured and sold by"Bamboo Bat for Boys: All 12 Types"I would like to introduce all at once.

First,Length is 67cm-78cmWeight is 450g-650gThis is a bamboo bat.

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These bats of particularly short size can also be used by adults for [short bat training].

next,Length: 80㎝~84㎝Weight: 700g-1,000gThis is the bat.

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Then, which size in this bat suits you? .. If you don't know, please refer to the ballpark's original guidelines.

■Bat size guideline

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Finally, there is an easy way to actually measure the bat size that suits you, so I will introduce it.


By the way, I introduced "Bamboo Bat for Boys" at once. Did you find a size that suits you?

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