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Effect of bamboo bat training

A wooden bat has a sweet spot (core) that is about half the size of a metal bat, and a bamboo bat is even smaller, about 1/3 the size.

When you take a batting out of the sweet spot with a bamboo bat, you can feel the numbness in your hand that makes you scream "Pain!". If you don't want to hurt, you have to hit the sweet spot.

The characteristics of this bamboo bat make you learn the basics of batting, "grab the ball with the bat core."This is the greatest effect of bamboo bat training.It can be said to be the end.

The effect of bamboo bat training starts with catching the ball with the bat's core and then derives from it. Wooden bats, including bamboo bats, have the same weight as metal bats but feel heavier due to the center of gravity at the head.

Since the head is heavy, it will be difficult to swing it out unless you catch the ball with the bat core. If the swing is not enough, the ball will not fly.


Difference in center of gravity

In other words, the bamboo bat requires skill from the moment of impact to swinging it out. When practicing with a bamboo bat, you can feel the bat flex at the moment of impact by having the consciousness to swing the head forward after impact.

If you feel the bat bend, you will learn to swing out the head using the weight of the head, and the swing speed will increase. Then you can hit a strong and fast ball.


The effects of bamboo bat training are summarized below.

-The bat core gives you the power to catch the ball.

⇒ ・Become aware of swinging the head forward.

⇒ ・Be able to wear batting that uses the weight of the head.

⇒ ・Swing speed increases.

The child is very adaptable and will quickly learn what he has experienced and repeated. Also, once the body remembers it, the body immediately remembers it even if there is a blank for a while. If you turn the inside out, it will be hard to get rid of bad habits as well as good ones. People who are used to swinging metal bats take a very long time to get out of that habit.

If you have a baseball boy who hasn't started bamboo bat training yet, let's get started!

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