Wooden Bat-bamboo-Bat: All Juvenile Takebats! Size: 84cm/850g ~ Choose a bamboo bat that matches your physique!

The "Juvenile Bamboo Bat," which is produced by Ball Park Dot Com, is used.The total number is 12. It is divided into small size by size, from the 67cm short bat, which can be used in adults as well as the size of the bat size, up to the length of the bats. Of course, the weights are different according to size. The concrete size table is Cochilla! The size of 84 cm in size is the longest of a juvenile-uten-uten-bats. I have a name for boys, but I have a player who is more than a junior high school student. Four kinds of bamboo-bats are made of four kinds of bamboo.This time, the lightest bat is the lightest introduction.

Juvenile Takebat: Length 84cm/weight 850g

84cm850g 84cm850g2 Feature. Materials/bamboo (aichiku)/Color/Cherry Red x Black Mark/Silver Length/84cm, Heavy/850g Average Balance/Head Balance Grip Geometry/Diameter, 24mm, Headcut/Nermal Head (224mm), Head Cut/Hard-Ceremonial Please refer to the website of for more information on this size of bamboo bat. Juvenile Takebat: 84cm/850g> http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail23.html
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