Let's use a bamboo bat! |Bamboo bat for training bat! Introducing in series ①~67cm・450g

Let's start bamboo bat training from boyhood!

Bamboo bats are excellent training bats that kids and adults can use. There are many professional baseball players who have used bamboo bats since their youth, and they are actively used for training in adult baseball and college baseball. The biggest feature of so-called wooden bats, including bamboo bats, is that if the ball does not hit the core of the bat, strong vibrations like a "bean" are transmitted to the hand. In particular, the core of a bamboo bat is the smallest of all wooden bats, and since it is not a single tree, its vibration is extremely strong. (It hurts!) Some people dislike this strong vibration and do not use bamboo bats. However, on the contrary, vibration does not occur if it hits the core, so it is perfect for the basic "basting the ball with the bat core" training in the basics of batting! The same effect can be obtained with wooden bats other than bamboo bats, but bamboo bats are less likely to break than other wooden bats and are reasonably priced. ・Convenience that you can use both soft and hard types.・Flexibility that weight and length can be selected according to physique and skill. Let's introduce bamboo bat from here!

Introducing boys' bamboo bats by size!

Ball park dot com bamboo bat lineup! From a short and light bat!
Bamboo bat for boy 67-450 -Material/Bamboo (color)/Color/Natural x Black-Mark/Blue-Length/67cm-Weight/450g average-Balance/Head balance-Grip shape/Diameter 49mm/Real grip- Grip thickness/diameter 24mm ・Head cut/Normal Height: 110 cm to 130 cm Weight: 30 kg to 40 kg *As this is a guide only, please contact the Ball Park staff for details. http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail31.html
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