Take a bamboo bat! | Training bats, introduced in a series of bamboo-bats. ~ 80cm, 700g.

Bamboo! Let' s get the training!

The most important thing in batting. It's the core of the bat. The core of a bamboo bat is smaller than the metal bat, and if you don't put it on the core, the ball can fly, or you can get a bilibilly pig. When you practice hard with a bamboo bat, you will notice that when you replace it with a metal bat, you will be surprised to swing the bat to a surprisingly easy place. By continuing to train bamboo from a small age, I can feel the obvious difference between a high school student and a player who has never practiced in bamboo butt. Now, here's the bamboo bat I'd like to introduce you to!
Juvenile Takebat 80-700 (Hard-style and soft-stock) materials/bamboo (aichiku) colors/cherry red x black mark/black mark/silver length/80cm, weight/700g weight/700g mean balance/head balance grip shape/diameter 49mm/diameter 49mm/Diameter 24mm headcut/Nemal Mean body with this bat (Mean)) > Height: 150cm or more and weight: 50kg or more For more information on this bat, please check the website of the Ball Parkdotcom website! http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail26.html
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