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Making the base of the lower body! The point is "C"!

If the swing shakes, you cannot batting the ball with the bat core. A swing swing means that the lower half of the body is weak.
If you feel that your lower body is weak, I would definitely like you to try "Ha-shaped tea batting". I will explain in detail.

C-shaped tea batting

As the name implies, the point is to make the stance into a "ha" shape.

・First, take a stance that is about twice the width of your shoulders, and keep your feet in the shape of a "c". Let's set up.
・Lower your hips, place your body centered on your upper body axis, and have the ball throw at a center point that is easy to hit. Then start the swing slowly.
*The heel remains attached to the ground from the beginning of swing to the follow-through. Be careful not to open your shoulders.

・At the moment of impact, squeeze both legs inward and apply force to the adduction muscles. By doing this, you can strengthen the adductor muscles.
・Be careful not to open the lines on your shoulders, waist, knees, or feet.
・Let's keep the lower half of the body symmetrical.

By practicing repeatedly with this C-shaped tea batting, you will be able to be aware of the lower half of the body, and you will be able to acquire a sense of balance and a solid and stable swing. Please try it.

Next time, I will introduce the original training bamboo bat of and how to practice it.

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