Wooden Bat/Bamboo Bat|Introducing all bamboo bats for boys! Choose a bamboo bat that suits your physique! ~ Size: 70cm/500g

From the previous time, we have been introducing Ballpark.com's "Boy Bat for Boys" in detail by size. If you continue practicing with a bat that does not fit your physique or your level of batting technique, you will not be able to break or improve. Be sure to continue practicing with a bat that suits you. The bamboo bat for boys introduced this time is here!

Bamboo bat for boys: length/70cm, weight, 500g

*This bat can also be used by adults as a "short bat" for "one-handed training". 70 cm 500 g 70cm 500g ② ・Material: Bamboo (black) ・Color: Natural x Black ・Mark: Yellow ・Length: 70cm ・Weight: 500g average ・Balance: Head balance ・Grip shape: 49mm diameter/real grip ・Grip thickness: Diameter 24mm ・Headcut: Normal *For both hard and soft ⇒For more information on the boy's bamboo bat, please see the website of Ballpark.com. http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail30.html http://www.japan-ballpark.com/batselect.html
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