Wooden bat, bamboo bat | I introduce all the bamboo bats for boys! Let's choose the bamboo bat in accord with one's build! ... size: 78cm/650g

May everybody go to the batting center? I think that there is not the baseball boy that I did not go. You might bring the bamboo bat into the batting center, and the person who purchased a bamboo bat of the ball park dot-com for a son seemed to drill it, but there was communication that a bat had been broken once. As for the bat size that the one was bought for a son, weight is 650 g of things at 78cm in length. After hearing what kind of situation you compromised in, I knew that father oneself batted with the bat not a son and compromised. A bamboo bat is strong one with the wooden bat, and the life gets longer by keeping it carefully as having introduced last time. But the wooden bat including the bamboo bat originally,If there is not weight of 850g, I am not able to bear itとされております. As for the size (bamboo bat for boys in particular) to be under 850 g, it is with a product providing in consideration of a figure and power of child who cannot give up 850 g.Because it is lightweight, the cases that took off long usage and the core with the heavy balls such as machines may be brokenんです. When an adult bats only in the case of single closing a bargain training as for what declare that even an adult is usable by training with every effort, the light weight bamboo bat becomes not able to bear the heavy ball of the machine. When I want to use a bamboo bat in a long term,Tee batting, toss battingI recommend equal の exercise.

A bamboo bat for boys: 78cm/fold in length さ 650 g

78cm650g 78cm650g② ・Because detailed, introduce in HP of the ball park dot-com including how to handle and the safekeeping method of the thickness / 24mm in diameter, head cut / normal ※ rubber-ball rigid combined use bamboo bat of the materials / bamboo (合竹), color / natural x black mark / white, length /78cm, weight /650g average, balance / head balance grip shape / 49mm/rial in diameter grip, grip; by all means that place for reference! ⇒ Please confirm the detailed information of the bamboo bat of this size in HP. A bamboo bat for http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail27.html Aim, etc. of how to handle, a safekeeping method, the bat size of the http://www.japan-ballpark.com/whybamboo03.html
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