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Harm of metal bat

Players who had mass-produced home runs and hits until high school progressed to college baseball, adult baseball or professional baseball, and batting fell into a slump as soon as the bat was replaced with a wooden bat. I often hear such stories.

Recently, it was reported that Kiyomiya, who joined Nippon Ham, is having a hard time adapting to wooden bats. What is the "bad effect of metal bats" that players familiar with metal bats fall into?

The performance of metal bats is currently at a high level due to the development efforts of famous major manufacturers. Playing a pleasant sound and letting the ball fly to a long distance is exactly what you can call a "metal bat effect", and it excites all who hit and watch.

However, if all batters that can hit with a pleasant sound have really high batting skills, it is overwhelmingly answered by baseball experts. Because the performance of the metal bat greatly covers the batting power of boys.

In the first place, the basic of batting is "to catch the ball with the core of the bat". In the case of a metal bat, the core of this bat is made larger than the wooden bat.

Also, since it is metal, it naturally has stronger "repulsion" than wood. Moreover, the ball is very well-balanced, so the ball will fly even if you don't use your wrist too much. Therefore, even if you miss the ball, a player with good physical strength will hit the ball beyond the infield.

That is, batting with a metal bat tends to be batting that depends on physical strength and arm strength. If you keep on batting like that, the batting form will collapse, and even the basic "grab with the bat core" will be neglected. This is the "bad effect of metal bats".

If the boys want to move on to a higher level baseball world beyond high school baseball, they not only practice batting with metal bats, but also wooden bats, especially"Bamboo bat"You should incorporate practice using.


What is a bamboo bat

Bamboo bats are synthetic bamboo bats made by pasting regular-sized bamboo boards together to make square pieces, and shaving the pieces into bat shapes. Here, we would like to introduce the manufacturing process of Bamboo Bat from

① Measure and stack regular size bamboo boards.

(2) Laminate the laminated pieces with a special glue and firmly pinch them with a machine.

③ Once hardened, finish into square timber.

④ Cut the bamboo that has become square wood into the shape of a bat.

Bamboo bats are bats that are categorized as "wooden bats" that have long been popular as hitting bats mainly for high school students. The core of a wooden bat is about half the size of a metal bat. Bamboo bats are smaller,About 1/3It will be the size of.

If the core becomes so small, the ball that fails to hit will not fly forward at all. Moreover, when the ball is hit with the core removed, the vibration of the bamboo bat is painfully transmitted to the user's hand, and it is convinced that "I removed the core" no matter what. If you don't like this "billing", you have no choice but to hit the core with a ball.

Thanks to the characteristics of this bamboo bat, by training with a bamboo bat, you will be better at catching the ball with the core of the bat.

In addition, bamboo bats are more durable, less likely to break, and cheaper than other wooden bats. Moreover, since it has a sound deadening property, it is suitable for practice at night.

Next time, I will explain the effects of bamboo bat training!

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