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bamboo bat training recommendation

But April is a season where something is so ridiculous and uncomfortable, and if you are a student, you will start a new grade and start a new 'something' in many ways.

Let's start bamboo bat training in such spring! It's a good time for people who have already started training with bamboo bats to review bat size and training methods that match their body growth.

This web magazine has introduced several bamboo bats and training methods in the past, but it is time to introduce them again in this period before the new year! When you choose a bamboo bat or when you get lost in training methods, be a reference!

This time, we will show you how bamboo bats are made, and the features of bamboo bats, etc.


manufacturing process of bamboo bat

Even if you say a bamboo bat, it is difficult to explain what bat is a bamboo bat. Bamboo bat is a bat made of "bamboo" as its name is.

However, it is not simply making bamboo, and the bamboo bat is made by cutting it into the form of a bat after the thin plate-shaped bamboo is overlaid and angular. Here's a picture of the process of manufacturing.


1 Thin bamboo plates are glued with nori.

Bamboo bat manufacturing process 1
Get it!

Bamboo bat manufacturing process 2

Two bamboo plates were stuck and became large wood.

Bamboo bat manufacturing process 3


3 Let this be a square.

Bamboo bat manufacturing process 4


Turn out into shapes into four bats.

Bamboo bat manufacturing process 5


How did you do that? It's very interesting.♪

Then, I'll introduce the characteristics of this bamboo bat.

bamboo bat feature

★Even a bat of the same weight as a metal bat feels slightly heavy because of the center of gravity on the head. 
Because the head is heavy

★The moment of impact feels longer than the metal.
At the moment of impact, there is a sense of ball riding on the bat, and the so-called 'riding' and 'pushing' sense is the characteristic of wooden bats bamboo bats.

★The head is hard to shake unless you catch the ball with the bat in the heavy minute.
If you don't hit, you won't fly.

★Techniques are needed to swap from the moment of impact.
At the moment of impact, the sense of bat becoming sensible requires consciousness to shake the head forward after impact. If you are a reasonable swing, you can fly the ball far away with a heavy head, a weight of bat, and a stronger batting ball.

 ★The bat's meat point is more head-to-head than the metal bat.
structural characteristics of wooden bats

★Toss batting also shows whether the ball is caught or removed from the bat.
be understood by vibration

★If you are a speedball, you will have a strong vibration in your hand when you are in a jam or a tip.
be in a state of distress

★It is excellent in sound loss and can be practiced day and night.

The most notable of the features is the"If it doesn't hit the bat, it's going to deliver a strong vibration on the hand."That's what it is. It hurts rather than strong vibrations.

Because the plates are folded together, the vibrations are made to be intensely transmitted when they hit other than the plate.If you hit it, you can bounce strongly and it doesn't hurt at all.

This is a very important featureBamboo bats are best for 'catching balls with bats' practiceThat's what I can say.

Let's start training fast, and let's start training fast, and we're going to have to do it.

This is where the bamboo bats are.

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