Boys' Baseball, Baseball Graduation Squad Memorabilia | Definitive edition of baseball graduate squad memorabilia [38cm mini-bat]

The item pushed to the graduation and graduation of the boy baseball part 2

Baseball memorabilia and baseball gifts as a graduation and graduation commemoration. Last time, we introduced the 5cm mini-bat and the 8cm mini-bat. Here, as the second bullet"38cm Mini Bat"I will introduce!

38cm Mini Bat

The 38cm mini-bat is exactly the size of the word "bat miniature". ★38cm mini-bat sample Graduation Baseball Memorabilia Mini Bat Ball Because there are a lot of characters that can be stamped, it is possible to stamp it together with the name of the graduation year, the school, and favorite words. ★38cm Mini-Bat Sample - Team (1) Baseball Memorabilia 38cm Mini Bat Team Production Ball Park dot com ★38cm Mini-Bat Sample - Team (2) Baseball Memorabilia Graduation And Graduation Team Commemorative Mini Bat Ball It is such a feeling, and it is pleased very much as a present to all graduates! ⇒ For more information on "Baseball Memorabilia", check out the website! <野球記念品のサイト>
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