Take a bamboo bat! | Training bats show a bamboo bat! Series: 8 ~ 83cm, 800 g

Take the bat control in a bamboo bat training.

In a bamboo bat, there is a clear difference between the light tosbatting and the tip of the bat's edge outside the outer edge of the bat, and when it is struck at the tip or the base of the base, there is a slight difference in the touch of the hand by vibration, or the batting ball does not fly. As a result, the technology of nature and the bat control is polished. Today, many leaders have been well studied for this, and guidance is being practiced using bamboo batts. Now, this time, the bamboo bat I want to introduce to you is cochilla!
Boys' Bamboo 800-800 (Hard-style and soft-stock) materials/bamboo (aichiku) colors/cherry red X Black mark/silver length/83 cm, weight/800g average/800 g average balance/head balance/grip geometry/diameter 49mm/nigiri with a diameter of 24mm/Headcut/Nalmall The body of the children using this bat (see below) is about 150cm or more and weighs more than 60kg, and is considered to be the most eye-comfort.For more details, please contact the ball park. For more information on the bat, please check the website of . Bamboo! 83cm, 800g> http://www.japan-ballpark.com/products/detail24.html
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