Ground maintenance, I will continue to do!| Ball parks facilities management unit・each of our work to follow!~ Mound hen

【program】to be brought up【program】to grow. Ball Park・facilities management Department staff who

Miyazaki is,professional baseball camp it. Also, the education League as this time of year is"the Phoenix League"kicked off, and the whole team of young players Miyazaki, will gather together. In Miyazaki's baseball field is always【professional】of maintenance will be required.

The ball Park is an Miyazaki in some of the stadium's facilities management has been in the professional baseball team of the camp to do the City 2 one of the stadium's management is"professional work"to ask for it.

Facilities management was entrusted initially, the"ground Keeper"and all of the staff of the technology is immature, however. In baseball each team dispatched from the"professional ground keepers"just from a demanding but polite guidance thanks to their steady growth, and now the"pros"and nearly technique,ground maintenance to completely leave them out.

Ball Park dot Facility Management Department of each of our now divided into several, they work to follow,"ground maintenance and I don't see what's the problem", or that"ground maintenance to their feelings", such as spell factory.


Professional maintenance technology~mound knitted

one pitcher from beautiful pure new mound to throw in the want of natural. Actually, the mound development is"make a match", they say.

The pitcher is comfortable throwing to create an environment that called the pitch of the tone on that! Because from a mound of maintenance is very important.

The mound was like maintenance I?

Some pictures to share. I~! This is a pitcher of the plate switch of the work pattern.



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< After throwing the maintenance of the water!>

Every day after tossing a mound of the hole of the“maintenance water”to it. Maintenance of the water and the soil to solidify the use of water and maintenance of water do not put maintenance as the soil is stiff,the next time when using the quickly hole and it continues to throw the hole deeper, and safe to throw it out.

So like after the game or after the practice of development in, and maintenance of water treading to firm the pitcher what best fits their mound can be adjusted to activate from the eyes about the ball and throw it to the mound to anxiety as well.

The development of the usual practice from the time of doing the game in a good state of visual.

I finished mound


<blue pen mound a copy of the!>

Pitchers lined up to throw bullpen than the usual mound with the same care as service. Especiallythe inclinedplate 198 from the CM point 15. 2㎝below so that all the mound and the same inclination to make and is important.

The same slope,the same height as the pitcher, but the bullpen from the mound to have discomfort when I feel it.

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Or hardness is basically a mound with the same hardness to try. Professional baseball of the specification, if the team home to a mound of the same hardness so that they perform maintenance. For that, take part in the red soil, put the Converter and machine using solidify.

Weather not affected by indoor bull pen,this to skin to manage it,such as a cracked cause to. Especially professional baseball camp is always the temperature and humidity considered optimal moisture management.

What do you think? Mound Development is really important,the nerves do not. "Ball Park facility management division"of working patterns, website Ground Maintenance Supplies introduction in this introduced. If you are interested in one so please read!

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