If is at a loss to a baseball souvenir, 卒団, the part souvenir which are a graduate; ball park dot-com⑥

"A souvenir full of the translucency made by acrylic" comes up!

The ball park dot-com works on the development of the baseball souvenir every day. A product to introduce this time is the latest baseball souvenir.

Because was particular about baseball, and developed a souvenir, developed it mainly on a wooden thing for a wooden bat, but did develop that raised the tone as the souvenir in mind; この?"Souvenir made by acrylic"です.

Even if say anything, translucency is splendid, and a feeling is particularly odd; is! I will introduce me at once!


Acrylic base

A wedding present, meeting participation are commemorative and are available as a special souvenir of every scene including the celebrations of the delivery. It is sure that I get a lot of looks, thing!

Size: 22cm in height, 22cm in width, thickness 20mm weight: 1,020 g

I can carve a seal by the letter of around 50 characters. A product made in acrylic stand opening address!

⇒The detailed information of [acrylic base] from this!

85cm regular bat made by acrylic

It is a commemorative bat of 85cm made by the acrylic which I introduced in the page of the baseball souvenir of the regular bat size. It is such a memory bat which I grasp it unintentionally, and wants to swing!

Length: 85cm weight: 1,600 g

I can carve a seal to 50 characters.

I put a bat made by acrylic, and there are a stand and a bat bag with one of them!

⇒The detailed information of [85cm regular bat made by acrylic] from this!

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