Improving batting|Let's acquire the power to catch with the bat core! ~Recommendation for bamboo bat training

What technology is needed for batting!

If you increase the three skills required for batting,

1. Meet force (to hit the ball with the bat core)

2. Speed ​​(head speed is fast and strong hit ball can be hit)

3. Responsiveness (being able to handle various types of balls such as fast balls and changing balls)

Training bat required for both soft and hard training WP

Bamboo bat training is recommended to improve these skills effectively.

<1. Meat power: The power to catch with the bat core! >

By training while taking into consideration the characteristics of the bamboo bat, that is, it will not fly or fly when the core is removed, you can expect the effect of learning the feeling of hitting with the core of the bat and the batting technique conscious of the core of the bat.

<2. Speed: High head speed! >

By training with a head-balanced bamboo bat, you can naturally acquire the correct swing form using the weight of the head and increase the swing speed.

<3. Responsiveness: Correspondence to high-level baseball! >

By improving bat control through batting training tailored to your purpose, you can expect to learn the technology to be able to handle high-level baseball such as fastballs and changing balls.

Why bamboo bats are good for training

Why bamboo bats are good for training. If you raise the same reason three times,

1. Economical (price is cheaper and more economical than other wooden bats)

2. Durability (hard to break compared to other wooden bats)

3. Sound deadening (much quieter than metal bats and quieter than other wooden bats)

Reason why it is suitable for both soft and hard training bats WP

<1. Economic efficiency: High cost performance>

Bamboo bats are sold at a lower price than other wooden bats. Since the initial cost is low and it can be used for a long period of one year or more, it has excellent cost performance compared to other wooden bats. The number of people buying more than one according to the purpose of training is increasing.

<2. Durability: Uses bamboo material that is hard and hard to break! >

The biggest feature of bamboo bats is that they are hard and difficult to break. Since it has excellent durability, it is hard to break even if it strikes at the root or tip, making it ideal for practice bats. If you use the correct bat, you can use it for more than a year.

<3. Silence: Quiet hitting sound enables night training! >

Unlike metal bats, bamboo bats have excellent sound deadening. Bamboo bats from do not bother the sound of the meat moment, so you can do batting training as much as you want without worrying about noise even when training in school or in the city.

Development concept

At, we developed the following three concepts in developing the "training bamboo bat".

Soft/hard type combined training bat concept ①WP

Reproducible bats are training bats with the same shape and weight and length as the bats used in regular games. By using a training bat with the same grip as the metal bat used in the game during training, the grip of the metal bat has been reproduced so that the same batting performance as during training can be achieved even when using the metal bat in production.Real grip bamboo batWas developed.

Soft/hard type training bat concept ②WP

The suppressive effect is an effect that suppresses the bad habit of bad batting. Extra thick gripOne of the suppressing effects is that by performing batting training with, the pusher's knees will be extremely strong, and the bad habit of hitting and hitting will be corrected and a correct swing will be acquired. By paying attention to this suppressing effect as well as the contrasting effect when developing the bat, we were able to clarify bad habits that we had not noticed until now, and at the same time succeeded in creating a bat that can be expected to be corrected.

Training bat concept for both soft and hard ③WP

The effect that one of the contrasts enhances the other is called the contrast effect. Long batThis refers to the effect of deepening the understanding of the correct swing trajectory with a medium-sized bat and the effect of strengthening the swing by performing batting training with. Being aware of this contrasting effect,A bat whose length is changed or a weight is changed than usualBy working on the development, we have completed a training bat with a rich lineup that can be selected according to the purpose. Here, I would like to introduce the "voice of the user" that is being tackled in bamboo bat training.

Voice of a user who uses a bamboo bat for training!

Soft/hard type combined training bat ③WP Soft/hard type training bat ②WP Soft and hard training bat ①WP

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