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The ground maintenance standard is around the home base!

"0 position"

Have you heard about it? Actually, on the ground, the home base is determined as [position of 0 height] = [standard], and from there, the height of the [mound] is determined.

By making this "0 position" standard correctly, the entire ground can be measured accurately. Therefore, maintenance around the home base is very important.

In addition, the place where the pitcher and the batter face off on a one-on-one basis is the home base. In this sense, the maintenance around the home base is also important, and the fact that it is properly maintained will raise the stadium's overall maintenance rating.

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Maintenance of [First bound area] without irregularity

We hit the ball hit by the batter and flies in the ground"First bound area"I am calling.

this"First bound area"Maintenance is very important, and neglecting maintenance here can cause irregular bounces, which can lead to hits. It's often overlooked, but the dragonflies in this area shouldn't be cut off.

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Also, the pitcher may intentionally throw a ball (changing ball) that makes one-bound near the home base in order to take a missed swing.

At that time, neglecting maintenance near the home base is irregular and the catcher may not catch the ball and may fall behind. It is also very important for the battery that the home base and soil are at the same level.

When you look at the maintenance of the user after using the ground, you often see that only the batter box is being maintained. Of course, it is important to repair the part dug with spikes when batting, but it is also important to carefully maintain the vicinity of the home base that affects the battery.

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A ground that can give satisfaction and excitement to players and people who support it. And the ground keeper of the ball park is being maintained every day so that everyone can exert 100% power on this ground!

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