Shonen Baseball | Training method using a bamboo bat-swing

First, check your batting form!

Even if you think that you are swinging the bat with a proper form, you can see the correction point from the side. In the web magazine, I check my batting form first, and often suggest what kind of training to do depending on what to correct, but this time,"swing"is.

Before that, first check your form in the image below to find out what training method you need.

Checkpoint-isn't the form like this?

(Examples ①, ③, ⑤)
A heavier and longer bat than usualUsing"Pendulum swing"Let's fix the trajectory of the body. Flexibility is also improved by using a placing bat.
(Examples 2), 4), and 6)
Lighter and shorter bat than usualPractice hitting the ball in front of the navel using. This time,"Pendulum swing"I will explain.

"Pendulum swing" using a bat that is heavier and longer than usual!

The "pendulum swing" is effective for correcting forms where the upper body leans backward, the left leg is stretched and the upper body warps, and the right shoulder is lowered. An image of a pendulum or elephant swaying its nose facing the front! Than usualHeavy and long batUsing"Big", "Slow", "Repeat"Let's swing.

Bamboo bat suitable for pendulum swing is accessed from below!

"Long bamboo bat"

"Heavy bamboo bat"

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