The basics of batting are the eyes of the batting, the batting theory of the batting, and the batting theory of Mr. Katsuzane HIROZAWA.

"I will introduce you to the basics of the batting!"

In the case of , a former professional baseball player, Katsumi Hirosawa, set up a plan to give the boys the opportunity to receive direct guidance on batting.

In advance, I photographed my batting and sent it to me, and Mr. Hirosawa checked all of them! I sent them all the patterns of individual guidance to the boys, and then sent them back to the boys. The project was a great success!

I think there are many parents who are expected to be the next one.Also, when planning is realized, I would like to release this website in this web magazine.

Recently, the baseball boys who are waiting for the batting instruction were requested to publish his batting theory to the public.In fact, I wrote an article right after the event, but many players have not yet read about Mr. Hirosawa's batting theory after several years of writing and getting a back-number for the news.

I would like to introduce the batting theory of Mr. Hirosawa, which I previously introduced to you, and to introduce you to you again. If you don't see it, it's a necessity! I'm sure it's touching. The eyes will fall from the eyes.

For the first time, from here!


Three engines.

Three engines? What do you mean? This is the 'waist,' 'shoulders,' and 'arm' that move when the batting operation is in operation.

First engine: waist

-Second engine: Shoulder.

Third engine: arm

The order to move these three engines is important. In short, the batting motion is,"The waist moves,", then"Shoulder moves."And finally,"My arm moves."I have a picture of Mr. Hirosawa's performance, and I'll explain it to you.

★When the bat is positioned at the top position, the body is parallel to the ball and the ground.

Katsumi Hirosawa video lesson

★From its top position, the "back" begins to rotate and the "shoulders" move when the twisting is maxims.And at the end of the wrist and arm twisting, "arm" is moving.

Katsumi Hirosawa video lesson

So these three engines are going to move up to the top, and they're going to be in the body[spinning]So, you know, you're going to be able to hit the strong ball, and you can hit a strong ball. Three engines! It's easy to remember!

Next time, I'm talking about "weight movement" and "body axes."

There is a video of Katsuzane HIROZAWA captured the "moment of impact" made of wood bats. See here for your reference!

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