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There is a fourth engine! ?

Introducing the "basting of batting" that Katsumi Hirosawa talks about. Last time, I told you that it is important that the three engines move in order for batting. Actually, there is a fourth engine for batting! that is, "Return of wrist"

★The fourth engine is the return of both wrists (the return of the bat).

Hirosawa Katsumi Video Lesson Wrist Return

However, this 4th engine is an engine that is more conscious of high school students and above who are fully formed. Anyway, the important thing was to start the three engines in sequence!

Then, this time the main subject. We would like to introduce Mr. Hirosawa's theory about weight transfer and body rotation axis.

Weight transfer and body rotation axis

It is an important point to be aware of weight transfer when swinging the bat. I will explain in order.

At this time, the weight is[Heel] of the catcher's foot, And[Toes] of the pitcher's footIt depends on

*This photo is an extreme expression of this.

Katsumi Hirosawa Video Lesson Weight Transfer

When you start the three engines in order, rotate your body and shake the bat,[Heels] on the side of the catcherLeave the groundWeight moves to [toes]To do. On the other hand[Toes] on the pitcher sideThe weight that was applied to theMove to [Heels]To do. this"Alternate" "Back and forth"When weight transfer occurs,Body rotates naturallyWill do.

Katsumi Hirosawa Video Lesson Weight Transfer ②

The position of the head and waist when swinging the body and swinging the bat is important. Your head should always be right above your pelvis. And do not change the waist height.

Katsumi Hirosawa Private Lesson Body Rotation

The head is above the pelvis and keeps the hip position constantBy that,[Axis] on the bodyI can. ThatBody rotates around an axisTo do. this[Transition of weight]When[Rotating body]When the two interact properly, you will be able to hit a strong and fast ball.

How was it? Can this alone help improve batting? Up to here for this time. Next time, I will explain "the cause of the door swing"!

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