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What is the important thing that I want you to take into my usual practice?

Mr. Hirosawa is a very hot person when he talks about baseball. He also talks passionately about how to develop young players.

This time, I would like to introduce a very important message that Mr. Hirosawa sends to young players. Please read it to the end by all means.

Muscles don't lie. The importance of physical training

Here is a raw message from Mr. Hirosawa.

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The weight of the bat is not suitable, and it is shaken by the bat.

Movement of the upper body is not a problem, but the lower body is weak and the form is broken.

・For height, the necessary muscle strength is scarce.

I think there are a lot of young players like that. It is important to acquire the "skill" of batting, but please try to improve your muscle strength along with the practice.

That's hirosawa's hot message.

In five rounds, katsumi Hirozawa's batting theory is brief, but i've been introducing it. In fact, Hirosawa-san has also published books.

It is an excellent book that all the batting theory introduced here is written. If you are interested, please read it!

Katsumi Hirosawa's Book [New Batting Theory from Impact] 

Katsumi Hirosawa Books

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