Batting Basics|Eye Scales! This is the secret of batting! ~Katsumi Hirosawa's Batting Theory~ ③

Players who are too conscious of body rotation

Many players are actually doing "door swings".

[Door swing] Batting like a line drawn when the door is closed. In other words, instead of activating the three engines in order and swinging the bat, Batting with the body and arm moving at the same time, with the left batter open for the right batter and the right side batter for the left batteris. The characteristics of the players doing this action are:The heel of the catcher's foot rises quicklyThat means. "The heel will rise faster"That means"Rotate your body faster"Because there is a strong awareness.

*Door swing

Door swing

↑ Because it is a right batter, [left side] opens quickly.

To explain in order,

-For a door swing, the shoulders and arms start to move together. (The left side opens)

・If you do so, you will end up with two engines.

・There is no difference in body twist, and of course the bat speed does not increase.

・In order to increase the bat speed in this state, it is necessary to rotate the body quickly.

-To rotate your body quickly, you must raise your catcher's heels quickly.

You know the cause of the door swing! These factors are tied together and affect batting!

Up to here for this time. Next time, I will explain how to hit the ball in and out!

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