The basics of batting / eye-to-eye!This is the ultimate in batting!~Hirozawa Katsumi's talking batting theory~④

3. always be aware of the rotation axis of the body and body weight movement with two engines

Hips[1st engine] shoulders[2nd engine] arms[3rd engine] weight transfer and rotation axis of the body.

The foundation in the basis of the batting that was expounded to the last time.It is the most important keyword. This topic is、"How to beat the ball in the in-and out-of-course」But again, these keywords will be the point!


In the in-course and out-course stroke is completely different!?

"I can hit the in-course ball, but I can't hit the out-of-course ball," he said.」

"The ball of the out-of-course can be struck, but the ball of the in-course can not be struck」

I often hear such comments. In fact, I can't hit the in-course ball and the Out-course ball with the same batting form. 3 explain the rotation of the body and the engine.


イ in course>

When you hit the in-course ball、Use all 3 engines.。 Thanks to the three engines, the bat speed can be increased and a strong batting ball can be struck.

*Attention to the position of the left shoulder.It is the position in which the shoulder is fully rotated.

We are here to help you.

ウ out course>

After the 1st engine [waist] starts、There is not much time difference in the activation of [shoulder] and [arm]. That is、The 2nd and 3rd engines move at the same timeIt is Each engineNot enough.So, that minuteThe bat speed is down.It doesn't fly as fast as an in-course ball.

※ Shoulder and arm move simultaneously.Left shoulder is not open

⑦ Guidance outside Angle hitting WP edited

How was it? The difference between the two、"I don't know if I'm going to use the shoulder engine alone or not," he said.」It was a great experience!

This time it is here. Next time, I will introduce hirozawa's"what young players should do"!

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