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What kind of leather is the baseball glove made of?

The first glove that was the prototype of the current glove was made in America, the birthplace of baseball,1800Late 1980s. The material was made by "Rollings", a leading sports equipment manufacturer, and the material was "cowhide."

The glove is still made of cowhide. There are various names such as Kip leather and Stairhide leather, but it depends on the period and conditions until skin is made, such as "Calf skin from 〇 to ​​XX months after birth" or "Castrated calf skin". The name has been changed.

Most of the cowhide used for Japanese gloves is imported from the United States. Some are also imported from Europe and Australia. There are few domestic products.

Why domestic cow leather is not used so much?

Japan says "delicious beef-WAGYUThe country of origin. It is no exaggeration to say that the meat quality and taste are the best in the world due to the efforts of domestic beef farmers. Delicious beef is exported to the world, and its production is increasing year by year.

Naturally, the distribution of "domestic cowhide" should increase, but it is rare that it is processed into leather for grabs.why?

The reason is the characteristics of domestic beef. Compared to Western cows, general domestic cows have a smaller body and thinner skin and firmness. Domestic cows tend to have more fat than foreign cows, so the image is softer, but when the leather is tanned and processed into leather, the fat is removed, resulting in only hard thin skin.

Foreign-produced beef has good fat, low fat content, and thick skin. When processed from leather, it is suitable for grabs because it is a reasonably soft and firm “leather”.

Wagyu glove gradually attracting attention

However, there are several manufacturers in Japan that produce "Wagyu glove" by firmly finishing the leather of such domestic beef into glove cow leather. These makers take advantage of the characteristics of "domestic beef" to make wonderful "wagyu glove".

Already, some Japanese professional baseball players have become aware of the splendor of "Wagyu glove" and have signed a sponsorship contract with the manufacturer to use "Wagyu glove".


Attempt at Ballpark.com

Headquartered in Miyazaki Prefecture, Ballpark.com is a native of Meiji University baseball team.OBYasunobu Yamauchi is a representative manufacturer and distributor of baseball products. Since its inception, we have manufactured in-house bamboo bats and wooden bats for boys. We are engaged in sales and are also focusing on the production of glove for baseball.

Same Meiji University Baseball ClubOBThe former professional baseball player, Mr. Katsumi Hirosawa, is a relationship between seniors and juniors who have sweated at the stadium, and Mr. Hirosawa is now also an advisor at Ballpark.com.

Mr. Yamauchi once again recognized the goodness of domestically produced baseball equipment, especially "safety and reliability" through interaction with senior baseball players and active players. I began to put more effort into manufacturing domestic wooden bats. I started to stick to the ingredients.

With the flow of nature, I began to wonder if the materials for the original grabs manufactured could be replaced with domestically produced ones. Domestically produced = Japanese beef.

However, there is already a "Wagyu glove" made from domestic cowhide. It was visible that it would be "second decoction" if it was simply manufactured using domestic beef leather.Only One How can I turn it on? .. Trial and error began.


Leverage the advantage of being local

Miyazaki Prefecture Kuroge Wagyu is famous as a specialty of Miyazaki.5Miyazaki beef who has won the series of Japan championships at the "National Wagyu Competence Conference" held a year ago. The officials in Miyazaki Prefecture were all over the news of the achievement of consecutive wins. Newspaper companies took up all the issues.

Meanwhile, Yamauchi came up with the idea that the best Japanese black beef hide from Miyazaki prefecture could be used for a baseball grab!

The best Japanese black beef hide in Japan100Use% to make the best Wagyu grab in Japan!

"Japanese beefJBGrab"Take the first step towards completion.

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