Baseball, batting theory | A batting technology is finished if I know wide Katsumi Sawa! ? Let's press the theory!③

I am fully prepared and release it! With the wide Katsumi Sawa latest batting theory!

Boys receive direct instruction"Video private lesson"But, following the fact that it was very popular, "is there not the DVD which recorded a batting theory from many various places?" There was という inquiry. Therefore what I was fully prepared, and was released"Focus zone blow theory"を is the DVD which I collected.

The contents which can say that it is right the collected studies of the batting theory of wide Sawa.

Focus zone blow theory①

I cannot tell you about the details of the contents of the DVD by a Web magazine concerning a copyright, but want to tell you about wide Sawa wanting to say most in this. It, "Even a primary schoolchild is a professional baseball player, but the basics of the batting are the same"! 」ということ. While I continue baseball for a long time, I may forget the origin of this baseball. In DVD, wide Sawa explains this most important part clearly.

Focus zone blow theory③

A certain leader whom this DVD was bought for, "Practicing wanted to perform batting immediately when I finished looking"! 」 It was impressed と.

"I want to know it before purchasing the contents of the DVD"! 」 I think that there is much such one. Therefore I prepared a digest version of the DVD. Please do this digest edition for reference.

⇒"Focus zone blow theory" digest version

I want people taught baseball to to refer to it by all means. It is such a splendid DVD.

⇒From "the order for focus zone blow theory DVD] this!"

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